Statement of Purpose

We believe in the following:

  • We believe in the Trinity – the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe the whole Bible as the infallible word of God to humanity, and we live by it.
  • We believe in the deity of the Lord Jesus, His virgin birth, sinless humanity, substitutionary death, atoning blood, bodily resurrection and ascension into heaven.
  • We believe that Salvation is by faith in Christ alone, without works, solely by grace.
  • We believe in the necessity of water baptism in order to fulfill the command of Christ.
  • We believe in The need to live a life that expresses gratitude to God
  • We believe in The one true church, the body of Christ universal
  • We believe in the Obedience to our Lord’s command to lead people
  • We believe in the imminent rapture of the church of Jesus Christ.