The Grace To Finish It – Rev Dr Isaac Opoku-Asare

The Grace to Finish It: Crossing the Finish Line with God’s Help

Title 1
The Empowering Grace of God: Living a Godly Life
Title 2
Taking Responsibility and Transforming Our Lives: Lessons from Moses
Title 3
Overcoming Persistent Problems: Receiving God’s Promises
In these episodes, various topics are explored, including the grace of God, taking responsibility for our problems, and overcoming persistent issues. The grace of God teaches believers to reject sin and live godly lives despite the deteriorating moral values in the world. By addressing our weaknesses and not blaming others, we can move towards a transformed and prosperous life. The consequences of disobedience and the importance of self-examination are highlighted, with a focus on overcoming anger and complaining. The episodes conclude with a reminder that God has a plan, and opportunities are transferred to those who are faithful.

Key Points
• The grace of God enables believers to say no to ungodliness and live a self-controlled, upright, and godly life.

• The grace of God gives believers the ability to stand firm against the immoralities of the world.

• God’s grace empowers believers to reject greed and pursue a clean, blessed life.

• Believers are qualified, delivered, and translated into the inheritance God has prepared for them.

• Moses’ anger was a consistent problem throughout his journey.

• Persistent problems hinder us from entering our promised land

• The need to deal with anger and complaining

Best Quotes
03:52 – 04:04
• “The grace of God does not give you the ability to sin. No, no, no, no, no. That is a huge misinterpretation. But the grace of God gives you the ability to say no.”

04:23 – 04:31
• “Because of the grace of God that is in my life, I can boldly and confidently say no to every form of ungodliness.”

14:08 – 14:12
• “Whenever you blame other people for your problems, you will never deal with it.”

15:13 – 15:17
• “You cannot blame other people. Don’t blame anybody. Deal with it.”

25:39 – 25:42
• “When God gives you the opportunity to do something, do it well.”

28:21 – 28:26
• “The fact that you are seeing certain results in your life does not mean that God approves of what you’re doing.”

28:35 – 28:40
• “If it is anger, deal with it. If it is procrastination, deal with it. If it is gossip, deal with it.”

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