Stick To It – Rev. Dr. Isaac Opoku-Asare


Stick to Your Race: Discovering Your Calling


Title 1

Staying True to Your Calling: Discovering and Pursuing Your Unique Purpose

Title 2

The Importance of Remaining Faithful to Your Calling: Lessons from Paul’s Life

Title 3

Trusting God’s Plan: Sticking to Your Calling despite External Pressures


In these episodes, the importance of sticking to one’s calling and running the race that God has called you to is explored. Understanding your unique purpose starts with spending time with God and following His revelation. The key to success lies in staying committed to your calling without comparing yourself to others. Regardless of external pressures or opinions, remaining faithful to your calling will lead to God’s protection and blessings. Trusting God’s plan is crucial in pursuing your unique calling.


Key Points

• It is crucial to know your calling in order to stick to it.


• Our calling is not determined by others but by God’s revelation.


• Stick to your calling and don’t copy or compromise to please others.


• Recognize that different callings exist and respect the diversity in God’s plan.


• Don’t be a hypocrite or compromise your calling in different areas of life.


• Your worth in the eyes of God is not based on human opinions or advice, but on whether you obey the will of God and stay true to your calling.


• Jealousy from others can be a sign that you are being blessed by God. When people become envious, it means your life holds significance.


Best Quotes

32:44 – 32:53

• “When you stick with God, God will stick with you, and the enemy may push you anywhere, but God will send his angels to protect you.”


33:23 – 33:29

• “A dawn is coming in your life because you have been sticking to the Lord. Keep on sticking to Him, and God will bless you.”


34:44 – 34:50

• “Trust God and stick to Him. As you stick to God, God is going to bless you.”



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