Preeminence – Pastor Isaac Opoku-Asare

God’s Providence and Preeminence: Trusting in His Ways

Title 1
Trusting in God’s Preeminence: Let Him Lead
Title 2
Providence and Preeminence: Embracing God’s Mysterious Ways
Title 3
Navigating Life with God’s Providential Power
In these episodes, Pastor Isaac Aku Asari emphasizes the significance of trusting in God’s preeminence and providence. He uses examples from the stories of Moses and Joshua to illustrate how God’s ways can change according to His preeminence. It is encouraged to let God lead our lives and not try to dictate His plans. Despite challenges and setbacks, God’s providential power can lead us to unexpected blessings and opportunities, ultimately guiding us towards our intended destination. Understanding that God sees more than we do and works in mysterious ways should inspire us to serve Him confidently, knowing that nothing can stop His plans for us.

Key Points
• God’s ways can change, and as His children, we need to trust Him even when we don’t understand.

• We should not rely solely on other people’s experiences but seek God’s personal experience with us.

• God does not have to follow precedents; He has the right to choose the means by which He works.

• Providence and preeminence go hand in hand, giving God the power to predict, determine, and bring His plans to pass.

• Trust in the providential power of God even when things aren’t going your way.

• Providence operates beyond human calculations and can take you from one to a hundred.

• God’s providence and preeminence determine the events and direction of your life.

Best Quotes
01:27 – 01:31
• “If God is superior, He does not always need to ask your permission to do something.”

13:10 – 13:16
• “You must walk in the providential power of God when things are not going the way you want.”

14:17 – 14:22
• “Don’t give up because God has not done with you yet. He has a plan and he’s getting you somewhere.”

21:31 – 21:35
• “God is calling you to a table, a place where He will set the table for you.”

26:28 – 26:37
• “If you don’t understand the words of God, be quiet, right? Because God is not like you. He sees more than you and he accepts things aside for you.”

26:52 – 27:00
• “Whether you understand it or not, you know you are heading to the table as soul told, God will give you a table in front of your enemies.”

31:55 – 32:06
• “Don’t set the parameters by what God is going to work. Rather open up, ask the Lord to do it. You don’t need to figure out how God is going to do it, but God is going to do it.”



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