They Know Not – Rev. Dr. Isaac Opoku-Asare


Forgiveness Leads to Glory


Title 1

The Power of Forgiveness in Experiencing Glory

Title 2

Praying for Enemies: A Path to Personal Promotion and Glory

Title 3

From Hurt to Hope: Turning Betrayal into Blessing


Dr. Isaac Opoku Asari explores the biblical concept of forgiveness and its connection to experiencing glory. He emphasizes the need to forgive others, as they may not fully grasp the consequences of their actions. By embracing forgiveness, individuals can move closer to their own glory instead of being hindered by bitterness and resentment. Drawing from biblical stories, the speaker encourages listeners to pray for their enemies and recognize the potential for personal growth and achievement even in those who have hurt them.


Key Points

• Going through challenges and difficulties can lead to personal growth and glory, as demonstrated by Jesus’ crucifixion.


• Close friends and loved ones can betray and hurt you the most, but it is crucial to forgive them and not let bitterness take root.


• Forgiveness allows God to work in your life and bring blessings.


• The soldiers who pushed Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego into the fiery furnace died, while the three men emerged unharmed.


• We should have a large heart to see the potential in those who hurt us


• The resurrection of Christ is evidence that we should not give up on the “Peters” in our lives


• Forgiveness is critical and opens doors for us


Best Quotes

01:20 – 01:23

• “If they knew what they were doing to him, they wouldn’t have done that.”


14:50 – 14:53

• “My destiny is not in the hands of these people that are pushing me.”


19:39 – 19:44

• “They will push you, but they are pushing you into your promotion and your glory.”


21:17 – 21:21

• “Pray for the prayer that the Lord will forgive them because they know not what they’re doing.”


23:26 – 23:34

• “The persecution of the disciples led to the spreading of the gospel to the Gentiles because God will use the enemy to push you into glory.”


23:58 – 24:02

• “God wants to set an example for us that we should not be bitter.”


26:50 – 26:54

• “Identify that Peter that is weak, and raise that Peter to be a champion.”




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