It Will Not Seize – Rev Dr. Isaac Opoku-Asare

The Key to Abundance: Understanding Seed Time and Harvest Time

Title 1
Cultivating Abundance: Understanding the Concept of Seed Time and Harvest Time in God’s Plan
Title 2
The Power of Titan: Unveiling the Spiritual Significance of Covenant with God for Bountiful Harvests
Title 3
Tithing for Blessings and Prosperity: Building a Solid Foundation for Generations to Come
In this episode, Pastor Isaac Opoku-Asari encourages listeners to embrace the concept of seed time and harvest time in order to experience abundance in their lives. By recognizing the seed in everything God provides, individuals can cultivate a mindset that leads to prosperity. The episode also explores the principles of Titan, exemplifying the experiences of influential individuals, including America’s richest man, and explaining the spiritual significance of this covenant with God. Additionally, the biblical principle of tithing is discussed, emphasizing how it can bring blessings and prosperity by placing God above money and establishing a foundation for future generations.

Key Points
• The first communication between God and man emphasized fruitfulness and multiplication as God’s preoccupation for our lives.

• God’s plan is for each of us to prosper, as stated in Deuteronomy 15:4.

• Recognizing and utilizing the seeds God has given us is essential for experiencing a harvest.

• Titan is a seed that, when planted, can lead to a rich harvest in your life.

• Titan is a direct route to heaven and should not be taken lightly.

• Titan creates financial protection and ensures that your investments bear fruit.

• Titan is a spiritual covenant that leads to abundant compensation and great rewards.

Best Quotes
12:26 – 12:33
• “There will never be a possibility in this life that you’ll sow without a harvest.”

14:35 – 14:40
• “If there is a seed time in my life, then there will be a harvest time.”

32:30 – 32:35
• “The ties that you are paying now, you are making a deposit for generations to come after you.”

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