I Love The Lord – Rev Dr. Isaac Opoku-Asare

Inviting the Lord: Prioritizing God in a Busy World

Title 1
Inviting God into our Lives: A Priority in Today’s Busy World
Title 2
The Power of Inviting God: Experiencing Prosperity and Fulfillment
Title 3
Filling our Stony Jars: Trusting God’s Timing for Overflowing Blessings
Dr. Isaac Opoku Asari emphasizes the importance of inviting God into our lives as a priority. By remembering God and inviting Him into every situation, we can experience material prosperity, joy, and the spirit of God in our lives. Additionally, we learn the significance of continuing to fill our stony jars until they overflow, trusting in God’s timing for blessings beyond our expectations. The key message is to be obedient and persistent in inviting God, as He has something greater in store for us.

Key Points
• Remembering God and recognizing His power to bless and provide is key to finding worth and fulfillment.

• Involve God in every aspect of your life, especially in times of trouble.

• Obey God’s instructions and do everything that He tells you.

• Keep filling your stony jar until it overflows, as God has something greater in store for you.

• Don’t give up when it seems like nothing is happening, as you may be halfway to the overflow.

• The latter glory will be greater than the former, so trust in God’s plan for your life.

• God can thrust you forward faster than you can imagine, so be obedient and involve Him in everything.

Best Quotes
13:37 – 13:45
• “There are three forms of blessing that God promises every child of His: the wine, the oil, and the grain.”

15:00 – 15:06
• “The work of God is to believe in the one that was sent by the Father.”

27:49 – 27:53
• “If God tells you to fill the stony jar, then God has something that you don’t know.”

28:38 – 28:48
• “Continue to fill your stoney jar until it gets to the brimm, I hope you’ll understand the principle because water overflow never comes unless you get to the brimm.”

33:32 – 33:40
• “The glory that is ahead of you is much bigger than you think, as God always reserves the best for the last.”



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