Favor – Rev. Dr. Isaac Opoku-Asare

The Fatherhood of God and Our Inheritance as His Children


The Power of God’s Favor


This transcript emphasizes the significance of understanding and appropriating God’s favor in our lives. It encourages believers to trust in God’s plan and promises, regardless of their circumstances. It highlights the need to spend time with God, go through a process of preparation, and empty oneself to receive God’s favor and blessings.

Key Points

6. God’s favor can bring blessings and prosperity, even in times of difficulty.

1. God’s blessings and favor are not dependent on external circumstances but come from heaven.

2. Preparation is crucial for success, as it equips individuals to take advantage of opportunities.

3. Just as Jesus spent time in prayer and fasting before starting his ministry, believers need to dedicate time to spiritual preparation.

7. Moses’ 40-year experience with sheep exemplifies the value of a lengthy process in building leadership qualities.

4. The ability to understand visions and dreams set Daniel apart and played a crucial role in his life.

5. Believers are called to go before God and ask for their unique purposes and skillsets.

Best Quotes

3. “Because the favor of God is on you, you are going to make it.”

5. “What is going to happen to you is that God is gonna bless you.”

6. “Your prosperity is not dependent on what is happening in the entire community, but is dependent upon the favor of God.”

5. “When Jesus came to this world… to do the work that he needs to do, the Bible said he prayed and fasted for 40 days and 49.”

3. “God wants me to tell somebody there is a greater favor that is coming into your life.”

7. “God can load you with what you need to give you success and promotion in the future.”

1. “God will load you before the problem comes in. God will load you before the opportunity comes in.”

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