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The Tested Stone: A Journey of Faith and Trust in God

Title 1
The Tested Stone: Strengthening our Faith Through Abraham’s Story
Title 2
Prophesizing Over Problems: Abraham’s Unwavering Trust in God’s Promises
Title 3
Receiving Double for our Troubles: Exponential Growth Through Obedience and Trust
In these episodes, we delve into the story of Abraham and explore the concept of tested faith and receiving double for our troubles. Abraham’s unwavering trust in God’s promises and his prophesizing over problems showcase the power of obedience and trust in God. By applying these principles, we can strengthen our faith and witness exponential growth and blessings in our lives.

Key Points
• Faith requires obeying God before seeing the results.

• The tested stone represents the sure foundation of our lives, Jesus Christ.

• When faced with doubts and difficulties, we must choose to trust God’s plan.

• We are called to be consistent in our faith and declare God’s promises, even when others may question or doubt us.

• Moving from addition to multiplication – When we embrace faith and allow our faith to be tested, we tap into the realm of multiplication, where God blesses us abundantly.

• The power of God’s voice and obedience – Abraham’s obedience to God’s voice in sacrificing his son Isaac led to blessings not only for him but for future generations. We should also be attentive to and obey God’s voice in our lives.

• The connection between grace and promises – The concept of grace is highlighted through the story of Abraham and the temple in Mount Moriah, showcasing God’s faithfulness to his promises.

Best Quotes
17:13 – 17:26
• “Whenever you see a problem, begin to prophesize upon the problem before you get there because if you’ll keep on prophesizing on the problem, by the time you get to the problem, there will be a solution in the face of contradictions.”

26:55 – 27:05
• “Even the situation that is dead in your life, God can bring it to life. When you cross the threshold of even if, God shows himself faithful.”

28:22 – 28:27
• “For every problem you go through, just keep on going through the problem, God will give you double for that trouble.”

30:15 – N/A
• “No matter the contradictions that are going through your life, if you’ll continue to hold onto the promise of God, God will give you double for the trouble that you’re going through.”



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