My Father Your Father- Rev. Dr. Isaac Opoku-Asare

The Fatherhood of God and Our Inheritance as His Children

Summary Notes

This transcript highlights the importance of viewing ourselves as children of God rather than just servants. By understanding our identity as God’s children, we can inherit His promises and experience His love and care. The speaker references biblical verses and emphasizes Jesus’ role in breaking the taboo of calling God our Father.

Key Points

3. The concept of sonship and being children of God came through Jesus Christ.

5. The enemy has fought against the idea of believers as children of God.

2. Taboo: Jesus faced condemnation for calling God His father, as this was considered blasphemy (Mark 14:64).

6. Relationship as Father and Child: God desires a relationship based on fatherhood rather than servanthood.

7. God’s care: God is always at work for our well-being, just as a parent provides for their children (Matthew 6:28-29).

4. Believers can live righteously and run towards God, regardless of their past mistakes or failures.

3. The kingdom, power, and glory belong to the heavenly Father forever.

Best Quotes
3. “The inheritance is for the children of God.”

7. “The moment you start relating to God as your father, you realize that there is nothing that is out of your reach.”

4. “Begin to relate to him that way and allow the Father to do things that fathers are supposed to do.”

4. “If God fulfills his promise for his servants, God will fulfill his promise for his children.”

5. “You are under a better covenant, and your heavenly Father will fulfill everything for you.”

6. “Sorry, we were getting lucky in the limo and we lost track of time.”

7. “In that case, I pronounce you lucky.”


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