Break Camp & Advance – Rev Isaac Opoku-Asare

Break Camp and Advance: Moving Towards Your Promised Land

Title 1
Breaking Camp and Embracing Change: Advancing into Your Spacious Land in 2019
Title 2
Conquering Giants: Trusting God’s Promises and Possessing His Blessings
Title 3
Overcoming Obstacles: Taking Action and Conquering Your Giants in 2019
In this powerful episode, Pastor Isaac Aku Asari encourages listeners to break out of their comfort zones and move forward in their faith journey. Drawing inspiration from biblical stories, he emphasizes the importance of trusting God’s promises and overcoming obstacles to experience blessings in 2019. Listeners are urged to embrace change, conquer their giants, and take possession of the abundant life that God has prepared for them.

Key Points
• Breaking camp requires us to leave behind our lost causes and past failures.

• Even the most powerful enemy, like Baan, can be defeated with God on your side.

• Procrastination may be the biggest obstacle for some listeners in achieving their goals.

• The timing of God’s commands is essential, and obeying them promptly is emphasized.

• Patience is key in achieving success and conquering enemies little by little.

• The ability to make wealth confirms God’s covenant with you.

• The year 2019 holds the promise of exponential increase and blessings.

Best Quotes
14:57 – 15:07
• “Anything that God has made you picture, let me tell you this, go for it because if God has given you the picture of it, then trust the Lord that you give you the resources to be able to possess it.”

15:46 – 16:01
• “It is about time that we as children will go, will no longer look to the wilderness, but we go in and take possession of the things that God has given to us because this is what Elohim, Jehovah Elohim says, do not be afraid and do not be discouraged because God is with you.”

23:56 – 24:05
• “God will give you the victory if you will advance, but if you sit down and you don’t bring up, you are going to go in what? Anyway.”

28:11 – 28:17
• “If you move ahead this year and take care of the enemies, the things you see, some of us your biggest org is procrastination.”

28:20 – 28:29
• “Your org is the name of your org is procrastination in 2019. Kill your org and allow God to do something in your life.”

39:01 – 39:07
• “Take your time. That’s what the Lord wants me to tell you because God needs to build capacity in you before you get there.”

39:45 – 39:52
• “If God makes you clear the land and you don’t have the capacity to build on it, it’ll lie fallow and wild animals will occupy it.”



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