Birthright – Rev. Dr. Isaac Opoku-Asare


Understanding Your Spiritual Birthright


This sermon emphasizes the importance of understanding and appropriating one’s birthright as a child of God in order to experience spiritual growth and elevate one’s position in life.


Key Points

The birthright in the spiritual realm is not the same as the physical birthright in human society.


Jacob’s declaration of his grandsons, Ephraim and Manasseh, as his own children and blessing them before his own sons symbolizes the intentional crossing of the spiritual birthright. The order of heaven differs from the order of man, and it is the order of God that prevails in one’s life.


The birthright is a call from God, not based on individual ability, and is a covenant that belongs to those whom God has chosen.


Loss of birthright can occur due to lack of self-control, as seen in the example of Ruben and his unstable nature.

  Jacob understood this principle and was destined to take over from his older brother, Esau, as predetermined by God.


One reason people lose their birthright is neglecting to value and develop the gifts and talents God has given them.


Best Quotes

6. “God has called you to take you to a far higher level than you could have done by yourself no matter where you are, no matter where the society puts you.”


2. “The order of God and the order of heaven will okay in your life.”


3. “He knew exactly what that word he was doing crossing the sands.”


5. “Every place that you go, your expectation is that I am dominating though I’m starting from the back.”


3. “If you have the birthright, then the blessing is with you. And that is why you must hold onto the promise of birthright in your life until God brings it to pass.” – Speaker


4. “Let them put you in the worst place in the company… but the God who takes people from the back to the front ensures that you will move to the front.” – Speaker


7. “God can take the least to be the very best.” – Speaker




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